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Science plays an important role in our lives by assisting in the prevention and treatment of diseases and recuperation. At the same time, it is a branch of scientific and practical activities; its main task lies in understanding the processes that take place in organisms of healthy and sick persons, maintaining and strengthening wellbeing along with the development of methods of prevention, recognition, and treatment of illnesses.

Students learn processes of human body vital activity in healthy and ill state, positive and negative influence of natural and social environment on human health, as well as the possibility of using a variety of physical, chemical, biological, and technical devices for the prevention, recognition, and cure of diseases. In future, such students will become doctors and it will become necessary for them to learn how to write medicine resume in addition to many other academic papers.

The study of science history forms a scientific worldview and moral position of medical students and acquaints them with the history of medical ethics. Medicine essay writing is very widespread task where students can show their deep knowledge in the sphere of scientific fields, schools and problems, role of separate scientists and scientific discoveries, development of anatomy based on the socio-economic conditions, progress of natural science, technology, and social thought. Apart from writing essays, students will be made to compose other kinds of written papers, such as medicine cover letter, which will be a good edition to their resumes.

There exist the following types of the science: scientific, practical, diagnostic, nuclear, military, and radiation. All medical knowledge is subdivided into types depending on the scope and nature.

Healthcare as science takes an important role in human life. The primary goal of the given science is the study of various processes occurring in the human body to prevent or treat various diseases. It studies well-known and new diseases that emerge in the process of human evolution. What is a top priority for a person? Of course, it is life and health - the rest does not make sense without them. To become a good specialist, students need to be familiar with composing such documents as resume and cover letter. Medicine is not an easy proficiency, so one needs to realize all importance of the situation.

Medical science is one of the most serious and extensive modern sciences, which includes not only scientific and theoretical foundations, but also practical activities reflected in case study. Medicine examines and explores normal and pathological processes in the human body, makes recommendations for preservation and strengthening of health. The study at the secondary and higher educational institutions requires much more effort than is needed for students of other specialties.

To become a physician, a medical student has to possess not only exceptional patience and critical thinking in medicine sphere, but also some writing skills needed to compose all academic papers required. Nobody would ever doubt that such paperwork is essential for every single student. The main reason is that effective and well-organized medicine CV will be of service to the future specialists during their job interviews.

This specialty combines many areas and fields of study. Writing papers or articles on Medicine is an integral part of studying process. At first, students may face some difficulties when completing any kind of paperwork. Writing a medicine research paper is a responsible and time-consuming process for each medical professional; it requires deep examination of books and other peer-reviewed sources about health. In order to get a good mark, it is necessary to do a great job. Every paper in this field, including medicine dissertation, should have a correct structure:

  • introduction;
  • theoretical exposition of topics;
  • the practical part with elements of medical practice;
  • applications containing the results of medical research;
  • conclusions;
  • bibliography;
  • review.

This is a scientific discipline that is not forgiving a soft-touch attitude. It is quite logical because human life will be in the hands of a future specialist. Therefore, none of educational tasks that must be done by students cannot be called a secondary or unimportant one. Writing a medicine essay is an extensive academic assignment. Every aspect of this science, starting with basic research and ending with virtually significant innovations and discoveries, which can be reported in an essay on medicine, is necessary not only to be understood and learnt by students but also applied to writing a paper. Many students do not have enough time to visit the library and work with a text editor, and they find a way out of the situation by deciding to buy medicine case study.

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The Future of Medical Science Is Now

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The advances in modern medical science in the near future are dependent upon the advances of methods and procedures that by today’s standards are considered to be taboo and dangerous. These methods will not only revolutionize the field of medicine but they will be the forerunners to a whole knew way to treat people. For these advances to take place several key steps need to be taken both medically and politically. In this paper I will attempt to explain what methods and procedures will be the future of modern medicine, how these methods and procedures can benefit mankind, and finally what changes will be needed in the fields of medicine and politics.
     First, I’ll attempt to explain which methods and procedures will be the future of modern medicine. The procedures that will be the future of modern medicine currently fall into the realms of taboo and fictional. These procedures encompass every aspect of medical science from exploration of the human body, curing of diseases, to improving a person’s quality of life. Many of these procedures are not very well known while a few have been in the spotlight. These procedures are; cloning, nano-robotics, retro-viruses, and genetic manipulation via gene-specific medications. For any serious breakthroughs in modern medical science we must embrace these new forms of treatment instead of shying away from them.
     Second, I’ll attempt to explain how these methods and procedures could benefit mankind. These procedures hold infinite possibilities in the practice healing the sick. Of all of the procedures mentioned cloning is the only method that has been given any amount of serious research. Cloning could do away with the need for organ transplants. Instead of a transplant a new organ could be cloned, thus removing any chance that the body might reject the organs. Nano-robotics could be used to fight off foreign infections and repair internal wounds. Retro-viruses and gene-specific medications could be used to alter a person’s genetic code, ridding a person of inherited maladies such as heart disease or diabetes. With the introduction of some, if not all, of these different methods of treating ailments we could effectively wipe out a large amount of diseases that would otherwise be untreatable. Senior citizens would no longer have to suffer from maladies such as Alzheimer’s or other such illnesses related with age. With these procedures a child can grow up never having to suffer from a learning disorder such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder) or even cases of mental retardation by eliminating or modifying the genes that are responsible for these and other problems.

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     Finally, I’ll explain what changes will be needed in the fields of medicine and politics so that these procedures can be used to their utmost potential. The first thing that needs to be changed is the world’s take on cloning. The cloning of individual organs does not require the cloning of an entire human body. Instead of banning cloning as a whole the ban should be placed on the cloning of a full human being. Concessions should also be made in the fields of medicine concerning the alteration of human genetic code. As we come closer to unlocking the full potential of the human Genome we will only be able to progress as far as our superstitious nature will allow us. By promoting the research of methods of treatment that are dependent upon information gained from the unlocking of the human Genome we are in essence unlocking the secrets of life. One day we may not even need to go to the doctor to be treated. A single injection of self replication nano-robots will be able to be reprogrammed to seek out and destroy any extra-body organisms, these nano-robots will aid the body’s natural immune system making it nearly impossible for a foreign agent to enter the body and propagate.
     So, in conclusion, the future of medical science can only progress as far as we allow it. Unless we do something to ensure that that progress is not limited we will only be hurting ourselves and our children. We cannot allow this to happen. We must embrace that which we do not understand and use it to our advantage.

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