Ffxiv Soul Without Life Turn In Homework

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Something that could be a potential situation where someone thinks they can't progress:

- In case of someone who wants to exchange a Zeta weapon for the nodules, if the Zeta weapon is not in the Armory Chest (why would it be, it's long obsolete and nobody actually uses them at this point), there is no marker or any indication in the text that it can be handed to Sydony right after the cutscene, just need to initiate a new conversation. I'm not sure if the lack of a marker was just due to how overcrowded she was at the time I was there, or if it's "working as intended" though, but in the latter case, it might be worth to fix it, as it's quite confusing.

- After having the Awoken weapon and Gerolt sending us to Mor Dhona, neither the conversation with the quest NPC girl (forgot her name), nor the journal gives any indication of what the items needed are, nor how to obtain them. Once again, there is no quest marker above the girl's head, either. Kind of not obvious at all that by talking to the girl again, we can get to the needed info; again, if it's "working as intended", it might be worth to fix it somehow.

Also, the fact that the quests can be accepted again right after finishing them, on the same job that we just finished it, is not only confusing and misleading, but quite pointless as well. Many quests have lockdowns on them when we aren't the appropriate job to accept/finish them - perhaps accordingly adjusting these as well would be nice to avoid misunderstandings and confusion (ie. if I completed it as a SMN, I shouldn't be able to pick it up again as a SMN).

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