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Very interesting paper! I would consider narrowing the topic to something a little bit more specific, since there are many reasons why different governments have spied on their citizens throughout history.

For example, if you want to analyze the causes of warrantless surveillance by the National Security Agency, three direct causes include:

1) The election of George W. Bush in 2000, and his appointments of neoconservatives Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to Vice President and Secretary of Defense, respectively.

2) The terrorist attacks on 9/11 which instilled massive fear and paranoia in the general public.

3) The appointment of conservative judges to federal district and appeals courts, which prevented the program's dissolution on constitutional grounds.

Additionally, if you want to step back and analyze even more remote causes of NSA surveillance, you could get into things like:

1) The root causes of Islamic terrorism (religious fundamentalism, Western imperialism, poverty, etc.)

2) The root causes of Bush's election in 2000 (voting irregularities in Florida, the candidacy of Ralph Nader for the Green Party, the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore, etc)

3) The root causes of "anti-privacy" federal judges (there are a lot of nuanced reasons for this... I'd recommend you do some research if you want to get in the nitty-gritty of the legal arguments)

Hope this helps! Feel free to shoot me a message if you need any additional guidance!



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